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Level Design Intern on Candy Crush Soda Saga, King – 2020-2021

My main responsibility was to create the levels players experienced in-game with a clear goal and a good sense of progression while keeping a well-balanced difficulty and flow with the larger Saga in mind. Besides making live levels, I tweaked existing ones to enhance the player experience. In addition, by looking at what could benefit the game and fill those gaps, I developed new features and improved old ones to strengthen the overall game.

World Design Intern on The Hunter: Call of the Wild, Avalanche Studios – 2018-2019

As World Designer I sculpted landscapes inspired by real-world locations while learning Avalanche’s proprietary engine, Apex. The landscapes I created had a clear sense of direction, with subareas, distinct landmarks, and various assets, ensuring the uniqueness of each region of the map.


Narrative Designer on Social Oddity, Futuregames – 2018

The game revolves around speaking and interacting with characters, so making these distinct was crucial. I created unique personalities and dialogue and established a clear questline, before visualizing the characters with concept artists to convey their unmistakable characteristics. My contribution helped build a mental map for the player that introduced the goal of the game, the characters, and locations, in such a way that drove the quest progression forward.

Level Designer/Lead Designer on LeyLines, Futuregames – 2018

As a lead, I helped formulate the core loop and design pillars and made sure we followed them. As a designer, I created a sense of progression, where the player never felt truly lost, and always knew where to go or what to do while taking full advantage of the mechanics of the game. The game was nominated in 2 categories for the Swedish Game Awards.

Level Designer/Product Owner on Little Reaper, Futuregames – 2018

To create a good sense of progression and flow I made use of the mechanics in new and fun ways by combining them while making sure the learning curve wasn’t too steep. As the product owner, I took executive decisions, made sure deadlines were met, and assisted wherever I could.



Game Designer, Futuregames – 2017-2019

A higher vocational education with a focus on learning by doing, centered around 4 group projects and several courses with individual assignments ranging from pitching, presentations, scripting, narrative, and more, as well as using Unreal Engine and Unity to write scripts and create levels.

Game Designer, Futuregames Prepatory Course – 2017

My understanding of scripting and game design grew from this experience and helped me acquire a place in the Game Design program at the same school.

Copywriter, Berghs School of Communication – 2012

To further enhance and update my cooperative skills, creative thinking, and copywriting abilities I took this evening course.

Copywriter/Scriptwriter, Medieskolan – 2007-2008

The main focus was to think creatively, work on group projects, and write copy for advertisements for various media, paper articles, scripts, and more, with different target audiences in mind.

Culture, Society and History Program, Södertörn University – 2004-2007

Much of the education was about learning to be source-critical, to be able to analyze sources, and to draw our own conclusions.


Swedish (Native)

English (Fluent)

Unreal Engine 4  


Apex Engine

Fiction Factory



Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Premiere

Google Slides





SCRUM and Agile



yEd Graph Editor