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Dialog Exercise

“Hand me that crate would ya, Snuggles.”


“Don’t start with me again, Fuzzball! Just hand me the crate.”


“Yeah? Do you think I like it any better?”


“No! How could you say that? Do you think I wanna be here, unloading a bunch of scrap for a few lousy credits?”


“Of course not! But I’d like to keep on breathing for a while longer. It sure beats the alternative…”


“It’s not that simple, and you know it. Just, cut it out.”


“This is a lot safer then… then what we used to do.” 


“What would you have me do? It’s not as easy as it used to be. The new sheriff has really cracked down hard on smuggling, so unless you wanna take a spacewalk without a suit like the others, I suggest you hand me that crate.”


“What, are you crazy!? We’re not welcome there anymore! This is the only station that tolerates us, and they’re not too fond of us either.”


“No, I don’t think they’ve forgiven us yet! You tore his arm off!”


“No, he shouldn’t have called you that…”


“No, he shouldn’t have touched your gun…”


“I know! Look, you had every reason to rip his arm out, but you could have done that to a less important person is all I’m saying!”


“Yeah, I know he should be glad that you didn’t beat him to death with his own arm… But that’s beside the point! We can’t go back there, not until we pay your debt to him.”


“With what? How do you suggest we pay him back?”


“No, we can’t go back there either. Look, I understand that you don’t get this whole thing with money, but we owe them as well. If we went back they’d take our ship, our livelihood, from us as payment for the debts we owe them.”


“Because I beat the ship – and lost! And I only did that so that we could win the credits so we could pay off your debt for the whole arm thing. So all of this is really your fault if you think about it.”


“I would have won, hadn’t she cheated!”


“Yeah, I hate when people cheat better than me…”


“I might not be a gentleman, but you’re not exactly a lady either!”


“Anyway, we’ve got nowhere else to go. That’s why we need to keep a low profile and keep out of trouble.”


“What’s that supposed to mean? I never get into trouble!”


“Oh, that was one time!”


“Ok, two times.”


“Ok, ok, you’ve made your point! But if we leave this station and sector we’re gonna run into bounty hunters sooner or later (from the other stations), so we’re gonna sit tight and transport whatever it is people around here need transporting, whether that’s scrap or anything else.” 

“Chopchop squeak?”

“Yeah, we’re done smuggling – at least for now, until we come up with a way to either pay off our debts or get rid of the new sheriff.”


“Of course, we’re a team! You’re the brawn, and I’m the brain with the good looks and swagger and style and – ”


“You’re definitely not the brain – ”


“What are you talking about?”


“You have a way to pay off our debts and get rid of the sheriff? Why didn’t you say anything!?”


“Never mind if I’m gonna like it or not, put down the crate and tell me…”

Production Time One Day

Role Narrative Design



To create a scene where only a dialog between two characters conveys who and where they are, who is speaking, what they are talking about and why they are having the conversation – without using third-person descriptions.