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This was a narrative assignment during FutureGames which purpose was to provide a sense of the type of task that might show up for a Narrative Designer or Game Designer. The assignment had several tasks, and most had a maximum word count or other restriction that shouldn’t be exceeded.

The image used in this assignment is created and owned by Stephane Wootha Richard.

Production Time One Week

Role Narrative Design



Nancy had just moved from her home town, New York, to join the marines when the Omnic Crisis broke out. She found that the life as a marine, with the routines, clear hierarchy, and order suited her well. She quickly turned out to be the ideal soldier, taking orders and executing them without hesitation. She soon rose through the ranks and got to lead dangerous operations with an elite team. 

During one of these operations the team was left behind, and had to fend for themselves. Nancy was the sole survivor. This marked a change in her, as she started to question orders and the way the entire war was conducted. She started to take own initiatives and decisions during operations, pursuing a code of conduct she thought would benefit the war effort the most. As a result she got demoted, and her hate towards Omnics began to grow. It was around this time Overwatch was created. Nancy respected the order for doing what was necessary to win the war. 

Once the crisis was over Nancy left the army, searching for a new meaning in her life. She soon came across the newly formed Sisterhood of Vigil, a monastery order that questioned the Omnics claim of sentiens, since they possibly couldn’t have a soul being artificial lifeforms. The monastery life suited her just as well as the military had, with clear structures, routines and order, and she soon became the abbess.

Now, with a second Omnic Crisis looming in Russia, Nancy have joined with the resurgent Overwatch, to combat the Omnics once again. Nancy hates chaos, and sees the world slipping deeper and deeper into it and wants to prevent that, putting her on opposite sides with Talon as well. That’s the reason why she joined Overwatch.



Nuns don’t usually handle guns, so by making Nacy a former military officer who feels comfortable with routine, structure and order she’d naturally be looking for a similar way of life after the crisis. A radical monastery fits that bill quite nicely. As a former officer it also makes sense why she’d want to join Overwatch; she’s fought the Omnics before and are distrustful towards them, maybe even hateful. At the same time she hates chaos, putting her in stark opposition with Talon, whom she sees as agents of chaos and disorder. That’s two strong reasons for her to join the Overwatch organization. Being a former elite soldier also justifies why she’d be accepted into Overwatch; she’s got experience in a time when that’s in dire need. Making her disillusioned with the military at large works well as a reason for her to leave the army behind once the crisis was over, and looking for something else.


Create a compelling and imaginative story for a character for the “hero shooter” game OVERWATCH by:

  • Name the character

  • Write a backstory (300 words)

  • Describe the reasoning (200 words)




Write at least 5 in-game dialogue character barks that is characterful and fit for purpose for the following actions:

  • Character selection screen
  • Entry to the playing field
  • Attacking
  • Failed attack
  • Requiring aid
  • Please highlight your favorite five barks. Why do these best fit your character? (200 words)


(Imagine Calhoun from Wreck it Ralph speaking through clenched teeth, drawing out certain words somewhat)

Character selection screen

  • Bless you, kiddo
  • Praise the Lord…
  • Buckle up
  • This made my day.
  • Time to smash some bucket heads
  • At ease, soldier
  • Lock and load


Entry to the playing field

  • Time to do God’s bidding
  • Father in Heaven bless my heavy assault rifle
  • May God have mercy on their souls, ‘cause I’m coming for them.
  • This nun ain’t taking prisoners
  • This nun ain’t playing nice
  • This nun is all about taking names and kicking butts.
  • I love the smell of fear in the morning.
  • Me and my gun got some fancy tricks for ya.



  • May God have mercy on your soul
  • Time to face your maker
  • Time to pay for your sins
  • Eat lead, punk!
  • Time to get smitten!
  • Prepare yourself for the Afterlife!
  • I got enough bullets for all of ya!
  • I won’t hurt ya. I’ll smite ya!
  • Ya brought a gun to a holy war?
  • Target in sight!
  • Forward!
  • Repent!
  • Charge!
  • Soulless bastards!


Failed attack

  • I’ll get you next time, punk
  • Time to regroup
  • Time to fall back
  • I’m not amused.
  • God works in mysterious ways
  • That didn’t go according to plan…
  • Damn…!


Requiring aid

  • Help a Sister out, will ya?
  • Where’s my backup?
  • Come and back me up
  • Am I alone around here?
  • Send some assistance ASAP
  • Send in the cavalry
  • They’re roasting my butt out here!


Top Barks:

  • Help a Sister out, will ya? – Nancy wouldn’t be asking for help straight out, but if she was in need it would come out more like a command rather than a plea. I think this phrase walks that balance; it’s not a plea for help, but still convey the need for assistance.
  • Time to face your maker! – This bark suggests aggression, but also hints at Nancy’s current position as a nun, so it’s combining two of the most prevalent aspects of her; that of a soldier (with the aggression) and a nun (speaking of a creator/God).
  • I’ll get you next time, punk! – Even when failing Nancy won’t straight up admit this, but focuses on their next meeting – as well as throwing in an insult for good measure, possibly hinting at her frustration.
  • At ease, soldier – With a gun in her hands, Nancy reverts back to her time in the military. With this line she shows a relaxation towards the coming battle that’s only obtained through experience. She’s confident in her skills, telling you to trust her, to relax. She’s got this.
  • I love the smell of fear in the morning – This hints at a certain aggression in Nancy, kind of like that of a predator hunting prey. She’s confident, she enjoys this, and doesn’t think highly of her opponents.



Heavy Assault Rifle

This was the standard military rifle during the Omnic Crisis, and has been gathering dust under Nancy’s bed for the past few years, but it’s still as deadly as ever. This is a rifle that’s great both up close and from a distance, giving anyone a second thought about taking on Nancy straight on. While it holds quite a lot of ammo, the rather long reload time can be an issue for those who don’t know how to handle the rifle. But Nancy knows exactly how to handle it.



Force Shield

With old age comes wisdom, but also fragility. Nancy might not be as young and agile as she once were, but she’s compensating by using a Force Shield, negating some of the damage she receives, but not all, for a few seconds. This means that Nancy can stay in the fight for a short while longer, potentially giving her an edge over her foes. And if she can’t outgun her enemies, the Shield just might give her the opportunity to get away from the heat.



  • Give the character a primary weapon and item description (100 words)
  • Give the character a primary ability and description of that ability (100 words)



Create an in-game poster and tape record that players might encounter in their game sessions that teases the character:

The character is to be put on a poster which players might see in-game.

  • What is the style of the poster? 
  • What does it say? 
  • How does it fit the character? (100 words)

The character will be teased in a recorded snippet found in-game by pressing play on a tape recorder.

  • Please write a script transcript of this recording. (200 words)


The poster is very similar to the classic Uncle Sam “I Want You…” poster, but instead of Uncle Sam there is Nancy pointing towards the observer stating “I want YOU for the Sisterhood of Vigil”

Nancy is facing straight forward with a stern look, holding her right hand in front of her and pointing with the index finger forward. Above her is written “I want YOU”, and below her “to Join the Sisterhood of Vigil”

This would fit Nancy’s background quite well, since she herself served in the marine, thus using classic military iconography hints to her past. Since she’s the abbess of the Sisterhood, an order openly questioning the validity of sentient Omnics (since they lack a soul, argues the monastery), she’s the organizations face outwards, so active recruitment would be one of her duties.



[Nancy speaking through clenched teeth and drawn out words:] 

The world is falling down in chaos. The Omnics are rearing their ugly faces again and Talon is mocking law and order with their silly philosophy. The politicians of today have grown soft – they have no backbone. Ungrateful punks. Someone oughta clean up this mess I suppose. And I suppose that someone is me. Well, if that’s the way they want it….

[The sound of a box being opened is heard]

[Nancy is speaking with a smirk:]

This nun ain’t playing nice.

[The sound of loading a gun is heard, and the tape cuts]